Best Makeup Brushes Manufacturer In India

Makeup Brushes are tools which used for the application of makeup which consist of face, lip and eye painting. The bristles may be made out of natural or synthetic materials, while the handle is usually made out of different material e.g wood, acrylic and other. When cosmetics are applied using the appropriate brush, they blend better into the skin.

Makeup applicators not only come in a wide range of sizes, but also different materials, bristle shapes, lengths, and density hence, it is difficult sometime to choose the right brush.

Kanu Brush uses both synthetic PBT Fiber as well as some variety of natural hair however, we always suggest our customers to use vegan hair which is more in trend these days.

Note: Kanu Brushes always suggest our customers choose synthetic fiber which is man- made and contains no animal product. They are extra soft have good pickup quality, good to use with cream or liquid products.