Best Brush Manufacturer in India

Best Brush Manufacturer in India, We provide each of our clients with complete control and interaction throughout the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. If you already have your own brush with you, we can recreate it just for you along with the changes required at your end. Step by step, we build the components involved so you can have your very own custom-made brush for your brand.

We are passionate about the quality of our brushes, with the meticulous care and detail put into making each piece by hand. Our team personally tailors each order for you keeping in mind your unique needs. The bespoke production method allows for personalized customization, a unique advantage when our products represent your brand.

Choose the exact size, shape, and type of your bristles. We have a great selection of materials, from a wide range of natural animal hair to synthetic and vegan options available.

Who is the Best Brush Manufacturer in India

Each ferrule is designed and hand-built for your specific needs. Several finishing options are available, including matte, chrome, or painted in your unique brand color.

All handles are custom sized and available in wood, resin, or plastic. The handle is where your brand logo and other information about the brush can be printed.

KanuBrush can design and manufacture the packaging for your brushes and pack them for you. These range from all types of brush pouches and containers.

Materials and custom colors, labeling, and printing are all customs made and selected for the specific project. We can also arrange co-packing of your brushes with your supplied packaging.

We have the ability to produce and distribute high-quality custom-made brushes in large quantities. Due to the scale of our production process, we have a minimum quantity per order. Please contact us to discuss your needs so that we can find the best solution for you.

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